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Our Story

This initiative that we are working on aims to begin by increasing interaction between the young adults of COGS. We know that our community is filled with knowledge and experience that has been learnt and earned over many hours, and even years. We also know that this community that we have yearns to share and interact with one another. We want to bring these two things together to create opportunities for young adults to grow and learn from one another along their own journeys so that our COGS community will become a network of young adults knitted together in the Good Shepherd tapestry.

We are starting this mentoring/training to invite people who have more years up their sleeves and more hours in their books to avail themselves, so that those who are curious and willing to learn can find somebody within their community to talk, ask, discuss, advise, and even pray for them as they seek some wisdom in their area of choice.

The mentors will volunteer their time and we will curate their skills, experiences, and abilities. They will then avail themselves in time slots to block out in their month for mentees to choose. Mentees with interests in a certain area can find a mentor that they are interested to meet with who specialises in that area, and then select the slot that they are also available for. With this system, there is no commitment that each mentor or mentee need besides the slot that they have signed up for. Mentees can look for multiple mentors who have different areas that they are interested in or wants working/consulting on, and mentors can also find other mentors too!

Meet The Mentors

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